Honestbee Stops Buzzing, Bees Abandoned

Honestbees “shopper bees” were abruptly informed yesterday (30 Jan) that it had “temporarily paused” its partnership with FairPrice. FairPrice said the decision is due to a “review of the existing operations and collaboration process”.

“For us shoppers, we started hearing this news from NTUC (FairPrice) since last night, but only received an email (from honestbee at) around 1pm, telling us that all shopper positions will no longer be available,”
a shopper who spoke to ChannelNewsAsia shared.

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Many of our bees, although (they) are part-timers with us, have been a critical part of our family who have played a key role in our success”

Honestbee spokesperson

Although shoppers are freelancers, Honestbee acknowledged their contribution to the company’s growth, and further invited them to take on roles at the company’s new grocery store last October called habitat by honestbee.

Were you affected by the sudden cessation of this partnership?

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